Gender Equalities at Work is an interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers from the University of Edinburgh, University College London, and The University of the West of England.

Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the project will produce the first comprehensive history of the creation, trajectories, legacies and lived experiences of the Equal Pay Act 1970, and Sex Discrimination Act 1975 (now integrated for GB in the Equality Act 2010) across the four nations of the UK.


Equality banner with organisation badges

Drawing on archival sources and oral history interviews with a wide range of key actors, including lawyers, litigants, campaigners, trade unionists and equality commissioners, the research will examine the period from 1964 (when equal pay was first included as a party manifesto commitment) until departure from the European Union in 2020.

To find out more about the team behind the research, visit About the Team.

The work of the team is driven and supported by a stellar advisory group, including Mary-Ann Stephenson (Women’s Budget Group), Esther Breitenbach (The University of Edinburgh), Nicole Busby (University of Glasgow), Dame Jil Matheson (former National Statistician), and Ann Henderson (Labour campaigner and former Rector of the University of Edinburgh).

As well as the academic articles generated by the project, we will be producing seminars, educational resources, an exhibition and regular content on this blog, so bookmark us and follow on Twitter and Facebook.